DIY Keyboard Stickers

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Tired of having a plain keyboard? I can show you how to brighten up your keyboard in 4 simple steps! I’ve had my MacBook for about a year when I decided to create my own keyboard sticker. I thought why not give my keyboard a little character – maybe add a little oomph and something simply fun to look at.

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Step 1
First, always clean the keyboard with alcohol wipes. This is to remove oil, dirt or any residue on the keys.

Step 2
Then lay the washi tapes on random spots on the keyboard (see photo below – and these are easily removed if you don’t like where you placed them on the keyboard).

Step 3
Use the Xacto knife to slice the excess washi tape.
Note:  This washi tape I am using has a waxy feel and had a slight foil detail on it – which it did not give a crisp tear and that is why I used a Xacto knife to slice the tape.

Step 4
Take the alphabet stickers (which I lost the photo, I apologize about that) – and start placing them on top of the keys.

The stickers I purchased are a bit raised up, which it had a bubble on them. So I would definitely recommend using the flatter ones – which I didn’t have it available at my store.

What so great about this keyboard is, not only that they look so pretty and unique. Keep in mind, this is is not permanent. It can be easily removed so you can create new keyboard stickers whenever you want, if and when you seek a different look. It is super fun and easy to do. This is absolutely a must-try! So easy and fun to make! I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

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