Easy Cricut Tutorial – Faux Leather Earrings

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Make some cute and easy faux leather earrings with your Cricut! This would make great gifts! Let me show you how I did mine.

First of, I finally decided to use my Cricut Maker and make these faux leather earrings as my first project for it. It’s been sitting in my craft room since last November, and I haven’t had the time to set it up and play with it. Yes, I know it’s crazy! But I also own a Cricut Explore Air machine, which I have been using for all of my projects.

Let me tell you about the faux leather that I will be using for this tutorial. I had purchased the faux leather at Hobby Lobby and it is pretty thin. If I didn’t own a cutter, I would try using a xacto knife or scissors for these. You know that saying, when there’s a will, there’s a way! It is so easy and such a fun thing to make for yourself, friends and family.

Cut all the pieces with your cutting machine using my free cut files (they are in my free resource library β€” request and get the password at the bottom of this post).

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Easy Cricut Tutorial - Faux Leather Earrings


Tip:  The blade I used is the “Fine point blade”, and set the settings to cut the material is “Faux Leather (thin)”.

Once you have uploaded the SVG file into Design Space. Ensure to insert the image into your workspace and resize the image if needed. I resized mine at 5.645″ in width (you may adjust the image to whatever size you want).
Do you see the “UNGROUP” feature? This just tells you that the image selected is grouped, and it also shows you how many layers there are on the right side panel.

Easy Cricut Tutorial - Faux Leather Earrings

Once you click the “UNGROUP” feature, you can select each of the image and hide them by clicking on the eye icon. See what I did there? One set of earrings is no longer on my canvas.

Easy Cricut Tutorial - Faux Leather Earrings

Right here, I went ahead and hid the other set of image. Then I just click “Make It“.

Easy Cricut Tutorial - Faux Leather Earrings

Once you click “Make It“, it will take you to this preview screen.
Toggle the “Mirror” button if needed. You can zoom in/zoom out on the lower left side for a better view.
Then click “Continue“.

Easy Cricut Tutorial - Faux Leather Earrings

Faux leather is facing right side down on to the cutting mat. I used my Cricut roller to flatten the material on to the mat.
Load the mat on to your machine and choose the settings that is right for your machine. Then hit the “C” button for start.
Tip! The blade I used is the “Fine point blade“, and the settings I used to cut the material is “Faux Leather (thin)“.

Step 1
Once everything has been cut, gently remove the material away from the mat and remove what is not needed.

Step 2
Grab a jump ring and put it through the holes of the earrings. Take the needle nose pliers to open/close the jump ring. Then I added another jump ring (do not close it yet).

Step 3
Last but not least, add the fish hook earring through the jump ring and ensure that it’s facing the right way before closing it with your pliers.

And VOILA! So EASY! <3

Don’t forget to grab the SVG file, it’s FREE! Share it with friends! I hope that you enjoy making these as much as I have.

Let me know what you think and leave a comment below πŸ˜€
Happy Crafting!

Xoxo πŸ™‚

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