Must Have Budget Friendly Tools For Cricut

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Are you one of the new Cricut owners that prefers not to purchase the additional tools or materials by Cricut? It’s either you don’t want to spend more money on them or just simply it’s out of your budget.

When I finally decided that I wanted to purchase my first Cricut machine, I started to save money from my selling tie-dye shirts and wraps. It wasn’t easy, but thankfully, it only took me a few months. Being a stay-at-home mom taught me how to budget religiously.

As much as I want to own all the Cricut tools matching my machine, I know for a fact it’s just not gonna happen. I needed to see first if this Cricuting was going to work out with my kids around and with my extreme couponing.

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I purchased my first Cricut Explore Air from an app called Offer up. It was brand new and the materials that came with was:
Standard cutting mat
– Black marker
– Gray bag
– Cardstock materials for first time set up

Budget Tools and other materials
– Credit card or Gift card (old), used as a scraper/application tool
– Scissors (mine)
– Tweezer (mine)
Test Probe Set, 5 piece from Harbor Freight, as a weeding tool

Test Probe Set, 5 piece from Harbor Freight, as weeding tools

– Self Adhesive Contact Paper (can be used for practice)
– Self Adhesive Contact Paper, Clear (transfer tape)

– Parchment Paper, used as a Teflon sheet

Parchment paper

But if you prefer to purchase the Cricut brand tools, don’t worry. I made a post of the Cricut starter tools and materials for it. Read here.

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  1. I bought the Harbor Freight tools and I was told lifetime warranty. if point breaks bring back to store. I get a new one. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m debating going down the rabbit hole of another craft,lol. This article gives mr hope that I wont need to add another room to store everything.

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