Valentines Day Pouch Tic Tac Toe Glitter HTV

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These valentines pouches from Dollar Tree would be a great blank to use to create a simple gift and give it to someone special. You can make anything you want. What is great is that there’s already a heart on it. So all you have to do is, you can simply put someones name, a quote that you love or a game just like Tic Tac Toe.
And that’s exactly what I made for these.

So let me walk you through on how I made my Valentines pouch. But first don’t forget to grab this free svg file in my resource library.

You can also watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Once you’ve downloaded and uploaded the file onto your workspace. Ensure to resize the image to your liking and cut all the pieces with your cutting machine using my free cut files (they are in my free resource library — request and get the password at the bottom of this post).

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Note:  The size of glass beads are about an 1″ but, keep in mind that some may be smaller, and you may need to adjust your letters. I always suggest to do a test cut on the image/texts so that you don’t waste your materials.

Once all the vinyls has been cut by your cutting machine. I trim all the vinyls and put the scraps aside, in case I may have in the future.

Step 1
Weed all of the vinyls.
Tip: I poke from the corner of the vinyl, and pull the vinyl towards me.

Step 2
For HTV – if you are struggling finding the cut lines, other crafters uses baby powder, cornstarch or a light box.
Now i am ready to press the htv on to the pouch.. I am using the cricut mini press and i have it on a low setting, only because i wanted to make sure i dont burn or melt  anything.
As i am gliding, i am also putting pressure onto the mini press.
Once im done i just remove the carrier sheet.

Step 3
Place a teflon sheet over the HTV and pouch. Then go over it with my mini press, just to make sure the htv is completely adhered on to the pouch.
Note: There’s no need to do this step if you dont need to, this is just something i prefer to do.

Step 4
For adhesive vinyl – I am going to cut a piece of a transfer tape and remove the backing of the transfer tape.
Then place it on top of the vinyl, rub then remove the backing.
Tip: When your tape is too sticky, just blot it on to your jeans to remove a bit of the stickiness.

Step 5
Place the adhesive vinyl on top of the glass bead and rub it for it to stick onto the surface.
Then remove the transfer tape.
Repeat this process till you get all the glass beads done.

And that’s it! Look how cute and simple these turned out to be. Let me know what you think of these and how it all turned out for you.
Happy crafting!


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